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This website - Nouvelle Societe - is in French. If you are only moderately fluent with this language, you may be tempted to peruse the short "Textes de vulgarisation" of Section 1, offering practical solutions to some of the most frustrating social problems that our society has to cope with.

Interested you may be, but you may not feel like struggling through dozens of texts in French, to find the one which would be of special interest to you. You will find in STREETSMART one-paragraph summaries of each one. The English titles are not a literal translation, but an attempt to convey the colloquial tone of the French version.



&laqno;CRISIS AND BEYOND» was written in the Seventies and published in 1987. At the time, most economists were convinced that there was nothing more to steadily growing unemployment than the competition from developing countries. The situation, they thought, would soon correct itself... It did not.

This optimistic view does not prevail anymore. Indeed, it can be said that Rifkin's &laqno;The End of Work» has nailed the coffin for this simplistic view of the work crisis. Maybe the time has come to have a second look at the phenomenon of growing unemployment worldwide, to find its real cause and to propose a solution.

If I were to write CRISIS AND BEYOND today, I would certainly make some changes. The downfall of the U.S.S.R, whose might used to put a check on the unbridled domination of the American establishment, turned the "swing of the pendulum" to the Right - which I foresaw as a brief interlude - into something more permanent ... and makes a social meltdown all the more plausible.

I would certainly like to make some changes to this book, but short of a total revamping of it - (which I may undertake, still, but for which I have no time now) - I thought it might be better to leave it alone than to introduce minor and unsatisfactory modifications. So, what yo have here is the 1987 version of a document which was mostly written a decade earlier. I believe, though, that it still provides food for thought.

Little effort has been spent to beautify this site. Therefore, the serious reader is invited to download the material for easier reading.

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Pierre JC Allard

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